Pull the Pin Spiced Rum

A smooth rum, made from a unique blend of specially selected spices with tones of butterscotch.
ABV 37.5%, 70cl e.
Serving suggestions:

The Signature

Our favourite way to enjoy Pull the Pin in all its glory. After many tests and trials we created a drink that really highlights the unique taste of our Spiced Rum. Pour over ice with a few turns of orange zest and a cube of crystalised ginger – dangerously enjoyable!

  • 50 mls Pull The Pin Spiced Rum
  • Turns of orange peel
  • 1-5 cubes crystalised ginger
  • Served over ice

Golden Storm
Pull The Pin Spiced Rum enhances this classic.

50 mls  Pull The Pin Spiced Rum,
100 mls Ginger Beer,
A squeeze of fresh lime,
Pour over ice with a wedge of fresh lime.